BZOJ2159 Crash的文明世界 【树形dp + Stirling数】

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$d(i) = \sum_{1\leq x \leq n}^{i \not= x}dist(x, i)^{k}$

数据范围:$1 \leq n \leq 50000, 1\leq k \leq 150$




$x^n=\sum_{1<=k<=n}S(n, k) \times F(x, k)$

其中$S(n, k)$为第二类Stirling数,$S(n, k) = S(n-1, k-1) + k \times S(n-1, k)$

$F(n, k) = n \times (n-1) \times ... \times (n-k+1)$

那么$d(i) = \sum_{j\leq k}S(k, j) \times f(i, j)$

其中$f(i,j) = \sum_{1\leq x \leq n}^{x \not= i} F(dist(i, x), j)$


但是我们发现,f数组很难通过树形dp求出。考虑到$C(n, k) = \frac{F(n, k)}{k!}$,我们更改f数组表示的内容,改为

$f'(i,j) = \sum_{1\leq x \leq n}^{x \not= i} C(dist(i, x), j)$。

那么我们就有$f(i, j) = f'(i, j) \times j!$,我们可以通过pascal定理转移出f',从而转移出f。

pascal定理:$C(n, k) = C(n-1, k) + C(n-1, k-1)$




# include <stdio.h>

using namespace std;

int n, k;
int tot=0, head[50010], to[200010], next[200010];
int f[50010][160];
int S[160][160];
int fac[160], ans[50010];

// f[i, j] = sigma(C(dist(i, x), j))
// ans[x] = sigma(S(k, j)*g[x, j])     (1<=j<=k)

inline void mad(int &x, int delta) {
	delta %= 10007;
	x = (x+delta) % 10007;
inline void msu(int &x, int delta) {
	delta %= 10007;
	x = x-delta;
	x = (x+10007) % 10007;

inline void add(int u, int v) {

inline void dp(int x, int fa) {
	for (int i=head[x]; i; i=next[i]) {
		if(to[i] == fa) continue;
		dp(to[i], x);
		mad(f[x][0], f[to[i]][0]);
		for (int j=1; j<=k; ++j) mad(f[x][j], f[to[i]][j] + f[to[i]][j-1]);

int g[160], h[160];

inline void calc(int x, int fa) {
	for (int i=head[x]; i; i=next[i]) {
		if(to[i] == fa) continue;
		g[0] = f[x][0];
		msu(g[0], f[to[i]][0]);
		h[0] = n;
		for (int j=1; j<=k; ++j) {
			g[j] = f[x][j], msu(g[j], f[to[i]][j] + f[to[i]][j-1]);
			h[j] = (f[to[i]][j] + g[j] + g[j-1]) % 10007;
		for (int j=0; j<=k; ++j) {
			f[to[i]][j] = h[j];
			mad(ans[to[i]], S[k][j]*fac[j]%10007*h[j]%10007);
		calc(to[i], x);

int main() {
	int tL, tNOW, tA, tB, tC;
	scanf("%d%d%d", &n, &k, &tL);
	scanf("%d%d%d%d", &tNOW, &tA, &tB, &tC);
	for (int i=1; i<=n-1; ++i) {
		int u, v;
		u=i-tNOW%(i<tL?i:tL), v=i+1;
		//scanf("%d%d", &u, &v);
		add(u, v);
		add(v, u);
	int s=1;
	fac[0] = 1;
	for (int i=1; i<=k; ++i) {
		s = s * i % 10007;
		fac[i] = s;
	S[0][0] = 1;
	for (int i=1; i<=k; ++i)
		for (int j=1; j<=k; ++j)
			mad(S[i][j], S[i-1][j-1] + S[i-1][j]*j);
	for (int i=1; i<=k; ++i, printf("\n"))
		for (int j=1; j<=k; ++j)
			printf("%d ", S[i][j]);
	dp(1, 0);
	for (int i=0; i<=k; ++i) 
		mad(ans[1], S[k][i]*fac[i]%10007*f[1][i]%10007);
	calc(1, 0);
	for (int i=1; i<=n; ++i) printf("%d\n", ans[i]);
	return 0;
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