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Georgeacath 说:
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ElliottMuh 说:
2024年2月24日 10:39

How can I achieve high-quality audio and video for TikTok/YouTube videos using my phone and external mic?

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The problem is that when I connect the phone to the laptop, the video quality drops significantly and loses HDR and Samsung features. The phone's internal mic is also not very good. The external mic sounds better when connected to the laptop with software, but then I have to sync the audio and video manually, which is tedious and time-consuming.

there a way to capture video from the phone with its original quality and use the external mic for audio with software? I appreciate any advice or suggestions from the experts. Thank you.


GeorgeMem 说:
2024年2月24日 01:34

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2024年2月21日 14:23

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